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The Saskatoon Museum of Military Artifacts relies on support from public and private sources and there are a number of ways that you can donate to help care for and preserve our collection for future generations. You can donate as an individual, or through a foundation, trust or company. 

Your support helps us to:

  • Create gallery displays
  • Care for, study and share the collection
  • Engage local and global communities with what we do

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When you make a donation of any amount, you are showing that you believe Canada’s military history matters. That the stories of the people that served, and who were affected by war, must be preserved and shared. Contributing an amount you are comfortable with — you are helping bring our military history to life on behalf of our veterans and their families, and for all Canadians.


The Saskatoon Museum of Military Artifacts regularly receives, through donations or bequests, objects that reflect our Saskatchewan and Canadian heritage. For more information, please email us.